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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i m really bored like hell rite now..

waiting n waiting

im waiting for my hunny since he got test..
i hope he can do best in his test..
i wonder..
then, i want my lappy back..
miss my new lappy..
yesterday my hunny took my new lappy to install everything sbb i dun know what to install n bla bla bla..
tau gune je..
thank god u know everything bout software n everything..
i feel like im too dependent on u..
true rite?
haha nevermine..

free brunch

juz now my lecturer treat all of us nasi lemak..
syok dpt mkn free..
but the sambal too spicy..
for me la since im not eating spicy..
but for anyone maybe xpedas kot..
saket perot pg2 da mkn smbal pedas..

lovely same

my lappy same with my hunny~!!
ouh sgt sweet..
i don't know that mummy gonna buy same lappy juz like u..

love! love!